How to roll a joint for beginners

How to roll a joint for beginners

It just feels so nice to smoke a finely rolled joint. It tastes even better if you have rolled it yourself.

There is no hiding it, I am a huge fan of rolling. Also very meticulous too.

It amazes me how often it happens that when smoking in company the majority of the people there present don’t even know how to roll a joint. And I am not just saying rolling some shitty joint, they don’t even try.
As you will find later out, it is easier than you think.

Just to be clear, I do not want to push anyone to start smoking. But once you are in, well it is just a skill that goes hand in hand with smoking Cannabis.

So without rambling any further let’s get started.


  • Weed
  • Tobacco – Preferably rolling Tobacco (easier)
  • Long Rolling papers
  • Lighter (dough)


  • Rolling Tray or base
  • Grinder
  • Filters

1. Preparation

First of all, let’s just prepare the place or surface we are going to roll on. It is a good habit to get this one. It is going to spare you a LOT of time on clean up in the future.

Once you have everything out of your way and you have a small neat surface on your table, start by gathering all the supplies you need. In this stage we are just going to get :

      1. Weed
      2. tobacco

I myself like to roll my joints with tobacco from cigarettes, It is more of a habit if anything. But that is how I started smoking and how I have rolled for some time.

In this case, I am going to use rolling tobacco. It is easier, in the beginning, to work with.

It has more moisture and is cut in a certain way to be easier to roll. And as a beginner, we want to go around the easiest route.

cannabis and tobacco

2. Grinding and mixing

This is the easiest part. Grind your herb at first with your hands, you can invest later in a grinder. If you happen to have one go ahead and use it.

In my case, the Cannabis I have is a bit dry, so grinding it would result in cannabis powder. Which I don’t really enjoy.

So I’m going to do it by hand.

I like to put on a joint, if I am smoking alone, more or less 0,6 gr cannabis and a bit less than that in tobacco. Ok, I just pulled those numbers out of my ass. I don’t really know for sure how much I just do it by eye and don’t really think about it. But I had that question many times before…

Once you are done with grinding mix the tobacco and cannabis together.

With rolling tobacco the don’t want to mix that well together but that’s ok.

grinding weedweed and tobacco mix

3. Making a Filter

There are many techniques on how to make a filter.

I’m just gonna go with the easiest one.

Eather buy filters or get a piece of cardboard like the one I got from the cover of my papers.

cardboard for filter

Don’t cut a piece that is too wide nor too narrow, there is no rule here but try to go with your intuition and what feels right.

Once you have that just roll it normally. We are not going into filter patterns in this one, just try and get a nice spiral, like shown in the photo, going.

You can “adjust” the joints thickness with the filter, I like mine rather slim but you can play around with the thickness of the filter and find what works for you.

filter for a joint

4. Bringing everything together

Now, this is the most daunting part for most.

At this part,
we need our filter, the mixture of tobacco and cannabis and paper.

I like using the OCB slim premium, slim papers generally. Find them to be better because they don’t alter the taste as much as regular papers.

rolling a joint

Now that we have everything on our “working” space lets start assembling our joint.

First start by holding the paper with the glue side on top towards us and make a small fold at the side that has no glue on the bottom.

We can also place the filter. I usually roll with the filter on the left side but that is a preference. You should go with what feels natural. It’s completely up to you to roll with the filter on the left or on the right.

rolling paper and filter

Now, distribute the cannabis and tobacco mixture on the paper as evenly as possible. It helps a lot when closing down the joint later.

I like holding the paper as I try to evenly distribute the mixture. But again you have to go with what feels natural for you.

how to roll a joint

Now it should look quite similar to what you have in front of you, and that brings us to the most important and difficult part.

5. Rolling and Sealing it

We have to start rolling, we pinch both the parts of the paper with our hands and start to move the paper between our fingers back and forth.

We are going to roll but without applying much pressure till the tobacco takes the right shape.

It should look more or less like this before we close the joint.

how to roll a joint

When you are at this point you should then focus on tucking the paper that comes from underneath, under the one you have in front of you.

It is hard to explain it in words but this should help visualize what I mean.

rolling a joint

After a bit of fumbling around, we should be able to close our joint and leave just the “glue” stripe visible so we can be then ready to seal the joint.

rolling a jointrolling a joint

Sealing the joint just means licking the sticky bit and then glue that on top of the paper that lies underneath.

It’s not easy at first, but you get the hang of it I promise and really quickly. It is easier than you might think.

Once you have it all done just tap it a couple of times with the filter part to press down a bit what’s inside and you are ready to light it up.

Top gear top 5 specials

Top gear top 5 specials

There is no going around it. I am a huge Top Gear, Grand tour fan. Better phrased: I love Jeremy, James and Richard.

I really like their journalism style and their characters.

They are absolutely the best Tv show hosts and journalists.

Letting the compliments aside, let’s jump to my favorite Specials they have made.

1. Polar Special (Top Gear)

In the Polar special Jeremy, Richard and James go on an adventure to find the magnetic north. As much as it was an adventure Clarkson and may drive a modified Toyota Hilux against Hammond going old school with a sled and huskies.

This special is, in my opinion, one of the better ones and somehow feels very real and relatable. You don’t just see the three of them doing the usual funny nonsense but also see the real struggle in filming and producing this great special.

top gear polar special

2. Bolivia Special (Top Gear)

The Bolivia special is also one of my favorite specials from the old Top Gear. James, Jeremy and Richard drove through South America from the rainforests of the Pacific coast of Chile. The whole trip was quite taxing on the cars and the presenters themselves.

As usual, they only had a limited budget and bought the cars locally off the internet in Bolivia.

None of them actually got the car that they thought they bought.

It is really a must-see Special this one.

top gear bolivia special

3. Mozambique Special (The Grand Tour)

This one is my favorite special from The Grand Tour.

By many though it is considered as one of the worst ones and many said that the episode : “left a bad taste in their mouths”.

I think this Special was taken badly by many of the new followers that came from their new Network Amazon Prime.

This one was the first special on the grand tour that Jeremy, James and Richard wet back to the basics and got the old Top Gera vibe once again back on the screen.

grand tour mozambique special

4. Mongolia Special (The Grand Tour)

This one is the last special to be aired at the grand tour as we know it.

At the last episode of the season which was right after the special, they revealed that they weren’t going to continue the show. But they said that they were going to produce specials.

Never the less, this is really a good Special and also one of the tougher ones.

mongolia special grand tour

5. Africa Special (Top Gear)

The Africa Special I find to be one of the funnier specials the trio has ever done.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May attempt to find the true source of the River Nile in secondhand estate cars on a budget.

Top Gear Africa Special

Distraction-free smartphone setup

Distraction-free smartphone setup

I had a bit too much on my plate lately, that’s why the distraction-free phone “project” got a bit delayed.
But, I didn’t forget about it.

Now that I have finally allowed myself a couple of weeks of relaxing and flew back home it might just be the perfect time to start and work on self-improvement.
Where better to start than with the “small” things.

From detox to distraction-free…

I’m being realistic here, I want to spend less time on my phone, mostly when bored. I am sure that instead of browsing around endless social network feeds, I could be much more creative and productive. Despite that, I wasn’t ready to give up on the wonders of technology.

I had to find some other way to help me get some control back over my phone.

So I did some “research” albeit shallow, on how to turn my android phone into a “distraction-free” smartphone.

My distraction-free smartphone setup

Disabling most Notifications

As for the notifications I ended up disabling every notification manually expect messages. I also disable automatic email sync. Let’s just say I am very close to being notification free

Disabling Infinity-pools

That’s some sort of fancy “word” for Facebook, Instagram and all the apps that with a swipe down refresh and show you all sorts of ‘random not so random’ information. That might very well be worst than instant notifications.

Looking through the app store I found Stay Focused.

With stay focused you can restrict access to apps of block it altogether. You can set up a daily time limit or how many times you are allowed to start the app in one day. The free version of the app allows you up to 5 restrictions after that you have to get the paid version.
For me, the free version is good enough since I removed all the infinity pools. (I feel in love with this concept, you can read more about it here)

I restricted WhatsApp and chrome to 25 min a day max, let’s see how that goes…

With that done I was almost set, but the nerd in me couldn’t just stop there.

Burry non-essential apps and get a clean minimal design

I wanted a minimalist look to go along with it. So I messed a bit around with nova launcher.

I disabled the app drawer and left just one page on the home screen with the essentials that I need.
Also to go along with that, I loaded a nice minimalist icon pack (Whicons).

Everything non-vital got deleted and the emergency apps like PayPal or scooter renting apps went in the drawer.

After 30 min +- this is what I got.

I know this is not as drastic of a measure as you may have hoped. On the upside, it is going to bee an interesting will power exercise.

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Switching to a dumb phone ? Smartphone detox

Switching to a dumb phone?

Some thoughts before switching to a dumb/basic phone

I am quite a high tech guy. I am so to say a tech addict. Always had the latest phones and the latest computer.

Getting too social, virtually

I’ve started to notice that I’m spending too much time on my phone. I can’t just walk and wonder anymore, I have to constantly catch up with notifications. Be it WhatsApp, mail or social media. There is always something to zone out.

I have never really been big on social media before nor did I constantly check my phone for notifications. I think I got really addicted to it this last couple of months that I was going through a rough patch.

What really got me thinking about switching to a dumb phone was, how nervous I got when I had no data for a couple of hours. I was just like a lunatic running around the city trying to find free wifi and every second going in and out of airplane mode… as though it was going to miraculously bring my data back.

My humor was affected by the fact that I had no data on my phone, and even though I had nothing really important or time-sensitive to do I just kept thinking what strange and miraculous trick could get me my data back.

For a couple of hours, my main thought was simply: You have to get your phone online again…

It is not an easy choice


no choice is really easy. Even “lame” ones like this.

I’m still questioning myself if i am still sane just for thinking about going retro when it comes to my Smartphone.

I would certainly be missing out on a lot of stuff, there is no doubt about it. The main question is: am I willing to make that compromise?

Can you just ignore the convenience of Smartphones?

I’ll give you just a small insight into my messy last-minute solutions life.

Today I woke up late as usual and didn’t have time to catch the bus. As normal in this situation, I just pull out my phone and rent an electric scooter or a bicycle. Also, I do regularly forget my wallet, so sending money right there and then from my phone is a lifesaver. Whatsapp… That’s a tricky one. As annoyed as I am by WhatsApp, could I really give it up?

At this point, it has gotten quite addictive.

I could go on and on here…

The point I’m trying to get here is that Smartphones are a quick fix for almost everything nowadays.
But they do come with one drawback. They are addicting, and very much so. They might have the upper hand on tobacco here…

I am still curious how it would be to go retro in communication

Let’s be extremely rational here just for the sake of it.

I mostly work online and in front of a Pc, so going completely offline the time that I am not working it might just be therapeutic for me.

I won’t be able to get notified immediately of what’s going on online, but is that really vital?
Every time I check my phone I do the same time-consuming nonsense routine.
Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, email then who knows what might pop up at that moment, etc, etc.

Instead of reading crap over FB on my bus ride I might just start to read some books from my reading list.

Maybe ill also start having some quality time with myself…

It’s all hypothetical, but its enough to entrigue me in giving it a go.


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Weed convection vaporizer

Weed convection vaporizer

A weed purists point of view

I like to think of myself as a weed purist. Always smoked joints and i am very meticulous when it comes to weed, mixing it with tobacco and rolling a joint.

Smoking Cannabis to my eyes is not just about getting high, its more about the whole experience. I am usually very picky when it comes to weed and maybe even more on how good the joint is rolled, what paper I am using and as said the mixture.

My perfect joint

In my eyes the perfect Cannabis smoking experience must have these 3 parts:

  • weed should be ground, but not too fine
  • There must be some tobacco to keep the joint alive
  • Minimum rolling paper should be used

I know it seems like a no brainer, but nowadays there are a million ways to consume Cannabis.

Perfectly rolle weed Cannabis joint

Let’s dive a bit more in-depth to the above-mentioned points.

  • Grinding
    I have only started grinding my weed later on in my Cannabis smoking life. Mostly because I am sort of a chaotic person and keep losing or forgetting my stuff. I have lost 3 phones in the past 6 months, so you can imagine what happened to all my grinders. But, and this is a big one. Being a student and on a budget, grinding your herbs seems to expand the longevity of your weed. In the sense that with the same amount you, or at least I, can make more joints. You may disagree with me here, but hey that’s what I think. Also, I don’t grind my weed that fine, I think it loses a bit of taste when its to finely grinded.
  • Tobacco mix
    This one is also a bit controversial in the weed smoking community. Many don’t like tobacco mixed in. I can understand that. But I think that tobacco enhances a bit the effect of cannabis and it makes it burn more constantly. I usually mix 70% Cannabis with 30% tobacco.
  • Rolling it the right way, Which means rolling it the wrong way…
    I have rolled since I can remember backward or inside out. That way you get the minimum amount of paper and therefore you get the full taste. I usually like to use ultra-thin papes and swear by the OCB Black papes.
    Here you have a very easy to follow tutorial on how to roll backward

Weed Convection Vaporizer

I had heard and seen before Herb Vaporizers. Never had though first-hand experience with them. Which is in a way strange, since I have tried most weed consumption techniques.

A couple of days before a friend of mine bought a mid-range convection vaporizer for weed

to be more exact this one :

Knowing that I am an enthusiast, this friend of mine invited me over to try this new concoction.

How does an convection weed vaporizer work?

Well, it is as easy as it gets, you grind your herb(s) till the bowl of the vaporizer is full. Then you put the cap/nozzle in place and fire it up. You have to set a temperature, the standard one is around 190 degrees C but you can play around with that. The rule of thumb is the higher you go with your temperature, the stronger becomes the kick.

You have to wait though 5 – 10 seconds until the unit heats itself only then you can start to draw.

The experience I have to say was a bit strange at first. The draw resistance and the thickness, if we can call it so, of the smoke were not the ones I am used to. That’s understandable though, we are talking about smoking using some high tech stuff here…

The vaporizer is practically a miniature “air fryer”. It sends hot air to the chamber where you put your herb, and that makes the THC and CBD that is in it “evaporate” leaving you at the end with a very dry brownish color weed that’s not burned, hell, it is still intact.

This friend of mine even explained to me that he reuses the residues for cooking…

I’m definitely gonna try implementing it in my cooking next time, sound like a fun project.

What is it like using the vaporizer

It goes against all my perfect joint rules.

It has no tobacco mixture, there is no paper to hold anything in place and the weed is ground a bit finer… But I have to say that you get pure flavor… Nothing to mess it up. It is just pure Cannabis “smoke”. Actually, it is vapor. As I said you get pure flavor, but somehow it is a bit dumbed down. You can’t feel anything in your throat… It may just be too healthy for me smoking that thing.

You get high for sure, but it lacks something. It is just too weird for me, it’s not how it is supposed to be somehow. Sure you get only flavor, but its a washed-out flavor.
Yes, you get high, but its also a strange type of high.

Very hard to explain this las one. It is like drinking a nice espresso or taking one of these coffee shot pills. Yea you get the same caffeine from both. But it is still not the same thing, not the same experience.

Is it actually worth it?

From my perspective, not really. But if you have some money to spare then why not.

All around it is a nice experience. And there are actually some pros too… For one it doesn’t smell and you don’t smell. If you live in a shared flat its perfect. It is also supposed to be healthier for you to smoke it since there is no tobacco and no burning happening. I think for nonsmokers looking to “smoke” Cannabis it might just be perfect. I can’t say I recommend it but I can’t say it is complete garbage either.
It all depends on what you are looking for in the end…


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Cannabis and the perception of music

Cannabis and the perception of music!

Some time ago, I and a really good friend of mine had this really interesting rant about music, high and how does it all mix together.

One summer day, when I was back home for holidays, we were at my beach house. We were just a couple of old friends, enjoying ourselves and chilling the whole day.

That is not usual business for that place…

Not to get your hopes up, it was just an old friends reunion. Nothing out of the ordinary, but none the less one of the better ones.

Not all my friends smoke, in fact, some of my better friends don’t even smoke.

Everyone got high that night

I am quite a good “high” instructor, or at least some of my friends say so. For me it’s not just about smoking, it’s also the whole vibe that you build-up

I may very well be the best host ever. I cooked dinner for everyone (marinated chicken wings), got the music going and poured some wine.
After getting everyone’s basic needs (Food and Alcohol ) fulfilled and getting everyone comfortable ( important due to the nature of this group of individuals), we started to get a bit philosophical.

It was just the perfect Setup.
Good food, good wine, music and last but not leas weed. I had to ease my friends into smoking a bit with me since they are not huge fans. I think that time might have even been the first time for one of them.

Since that time I’ve been officially named the weed-smoking Yoda…


Getting high and tripping over music

Music and Cannabis perception

I hadn’t really noticed it before, Actually, this friend of mine that smoked for the first time (i think) pointed out after 1 hour almost, that he was on an amazing trip and he had never enjoyed music that much before.

He experienced music as he had never before…

We were listening to some Trap/Rap genera. It might have been Lil pump, not positive though. It was so awesome that we only figured the artist out after hours of listening to some album that we had heard before. But this time, as this friend of mine pointed it out, the experience was amplified.

Does cannabis affect your perception of music?

I like to think of my self as an audiophile. I am very proud of my playlists and really enjoy music when it is played out of a nice system. But it didn’t occur to me before, that I hooked up my sound system and go scavenger hunting online for songs mostly when high. I have this heightened sense of hearing, especially musically, when under the influence.

I think that marijuana stimulates your brain when listening to music to make some extra connections.

It’s a very strange feeling to explain, as somehow it fades and nicely blends the different sensations you may get from music.

Did I just go too far here?

Music and music perception under influence

Is it only music or art in general

I am not the best person to write about art in general.
Yes I love music and I do like painting every now and then, but I am not that much of a connoisseur.
But I can definitely tell you that I appreciate art on a different level when high.

I don’t always get art, to say the truth most of the time I don’t really understand it. When high though on some type of Sativa blend, I somehow make more sense of it than normally…

My personal hypothesis is that Cannabis “helps” to make more sense of the abstract and volatile, to make more sense of the moment.

There has to be something going on there…

Stay tuned more to come!                       Check the first article of the series out!

Introduction to recreational drugs – Cannabis

My first experience with recreational Drugs


I like to see myself as a pretty ok guy. I have done till now ok in life, have achieved some of my goals and also have done my fair share of mistakes.

I used to be, actually still am, Introverted and Navie (the good kind of) person.

But I have always tried to improve on that and get out of my comfort zone.

Now,  do not get the headline wrong. I am not some drug addict, nor does my life circle around drugs. I do consume and enjoy them, but I’ve always had the will power not to be dependent, let alone addicted.

I think that has to do mostly with my character and my viewpoint on drugs.

Just to be clear, I want to share my thoughts on the subject. I do not recommend nor want to push someone in imitating what I do.

How did it all happen?

Growing up in a somewhat closed-minded and a bit repressed community, I find it amazing that I am now sitting in front of a pc writing about this stuff.

I think my curiosity got the better of me at that time, which is understandable at a young age.

But still, for my circumstances at that time, the odds were slim.

To cut it short here, I used to hang out with some „not so nice“ kids at the time. Mostly because I myself felt insecure and too afraid to show who I truly was. I suppose it was just a simpler way to go around middle/high school for me.

Right around that time Cannabis became somewhat popular, and the guys who smoked were seen as rebels …

Beginner’s mind, from there to entropy.

It is easy to see how that can bee appealing. But I never really enjoyed the effect it had on me. I later found out that it was not the effect but the influence that the people that I used to smoke with had.

It’s the experience you get during the high

I started to grasp the effects later on. After some time I moved to Germany. I got my life more or less on track. I had decent friends and was hungry to grow as a person.

During that time I had one of the most important revelations of my grown-up life.

It is not what you do that earns you „cool“ points, it is the fact that you accept and embrace yourself with all the bad, good and weird traits.

I apply that in almost every aspect of life, even when it comes to recreational substances.

I can not stress it enough though, how important it is to be around people with a certain IQ. I had some of the best philosophical chats in my life under the influence of Cannabis, with some of the most amazing and intelligent people I have ever met.

How does Cannabis affect your mind and body though,

Well, it depends mostly on the type, there are hundreds of thousands types of Weed.

Weed farmers are going crazy lately with all the variations that they are creating.

But still, the main families are Sativa and Indica.

Sativa stimulates your creativity. I find it that it tones down your brain filters. It feels actually nice brainstorming when high on Sativa. It basically teases your brain 😉

Indica, I feel like it has more of a Chill, wind down effect. Not everyone agrees with me on this one, but I feel like it affects more your body and muscles than your brain.

Not my favorite type, but on certain occasion I find it to be very nice.

Just for a bit of culture, The 2 main ingredients of Cannabis are THC and CBD.

You may have heard of the last one, with all the hype going around about legal Cannabis with low THC content and high on CBD.

These 2 chemical ingredients have basically the opposite effect on your brain.
Just think of it as : Sativa = High THC, Indica = high CBD.

This is just an intro to the series.

More to come soon…

Newly found love for the Nintendo Switch

Newly found love for the switch

It may be hard to get what I am ranting about on this one. So I’ll give you some background info. 

Last month I left my management grade job, mainly because of the working hours ( to be exact, lack of). So I found myself having loads of free time. 

I would say that my lifestyle changed. I started to appreciate again the small things. 

Like going for a walk, drinking a beer with friends in the park and like last night, getting together to play some games. 

It is amazing how we sometimes are so “busy” that we forget to just enjoy ourselves from time to time. 

With that said, 

On that rainy Saturday night, I got together with 2 friends of mine and decided to cook something together and play video games. Just like the good old days. 

With all this Nintendo Switch lite hype going on in the web, I remembered that I had my switch in a drawer sitting for over a year. 

I got it out and dusted it off. And took it with me, which was not at all awkward due to its small size. 

My game library is not that amazing on the Switch. I mean I have some good titles but not your standard Nintendo stereotype. 

Anyhow the free download section is ok. There are some titles that are quite fun local multiplayer. 

We downloaded kitten squad, 

Some sort of binding of Isaac clone. 

kitten squad nintendo switch review


I have to say for being a free game and after a couple of beers, it’s quite good fun. 

Then we jumped a bit in sniper elite, 

Wich my girlfriend got it for me last year with the Switch. 

I have to say for being such a versatile handheld console the graphics and the games available make it feel like a “grown-ups” Nintendo. 


But what I had overlooked was how socially engaging is the Switch. I do not mean that virtually though. 

I mean, we went to the garden. I took the switch from the dock. Set it up on the table, split the controller in two and launched FIFA. 


There you have it, in just a couple of seconds, you can transit from gaming on your couch in front of the tv, to going in the garden with your mates and playing FIFA. 

I’ve never liked the switch before. 

When you compare it with the PlayStation or Xbox it is technically inferior. The games are usually not as sharp as they are on the other consoles. 

But, what other console gives you the ability to continue your Skyrim or cities skyline session on the go? 

On a 10 hour flight, I would not change it with anything. 

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5 essential mac apps to aid prodiuctivity

5 Essential mac productivity apps 

Almost two years ago I found somewhere in my mac hating heart the courage to give it a chance.

My old Asus laptop broke, well it became so slow that it’s almost the same thing, and seeing that the prices of new windows laptops were not that different from those of the mac, I decided to ho on the wagon and buy myself a mac machine.

There is not much choice when you look at macs compared to the other side, you basically have to choose depending on your budget and then your needs.

It is hard for a first time mac user to get your head around the fact that specs don’t really matter.
Anyhow, with a sizable hole on my credit card, I went home with my brand new MacBook pro.

I won’t lie to anyone, the first month was horrible, but after persevering I got the hang of it.
And amazingly every day I found out intuitive shortcuts that the mac has built-in that now I couldn’t live without.
Without going too long about my newly found love for macs ill get to the list of apps that I feel like every mac should have on it.

1. Spectacle

spectacle app mac

Spectacle is one of the first apps I got when I started to care about optimizing my working space and when window management became crucial.
I practically never close my routine apps on the mac and beeing somewhat disorganized, Specatacle really benefited my workspace.
I can only recommend it!

2. Amphetamine

Amphetamine is an essential app, it keeps your mac awake for when it is downloading or just simply when you don’t want it to go in standby every time you go in the bathroom.
I found amphetamine when I was downloading a couple of movies for a trip and have never since stopped using it. It is such a simple and minimal app that only does one job but does it really well.
Who thought that a simple keep awake app could be so customizable in what it does.

3. Google Chrome

Well, there is not much to say. It is the world’s most popular browser and for a good reason.

4. Bandwidth+

It might seem strange for some of you. But working alway on the pc when I am on the go I have to keep an eye on my network usage. And this app does it extremely well. It shows the usage during the day from every single device you were connected to. It is not for everyone but for how I go about my day it deserves a place on the list.

5. Google Drive / Back up & sync

Google drive has been my go-to companion since 2015. I don’t only have my backups there, but my whole digital life is daily synced with google. I do not know if that is necessarily a good thing but hey I never lost my data since.
I know that Apple has its own I cloud ecosystem and I’ve it. I still keep coming back to my trusty G Drive.


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Got a gameboy emulator on my phone

Got a gameboy emulator on my phone

Last week as I was going about a usual day and as I got on the usual bus, I started to hear a sweet retro sound coming from somewhere.

It took me a minute to figure out that they were the sweet sounds of Metroid: Zero Mission from the game boy advance. I turn then around and see a hippe with a penny board between his legs and playing Metroid full blast on the phone.

It took me a good search through the play store to realize that it wasn’t an android port of the game, but the dude got an emulator on his phone. 

I was pleasantly amazed to see that my geek mode was still intact. I had some experience with emulators years ago and only on a pc.

As soon as I got home I did some research and it was actually pretty easy and straight forward.

On Android, you get a nice emulator already in the play store, on the iPhone side of things it is a bit harder but still relatively easy to get up and running.

I got the app, downloaded a couple of roms (the name of the cartridges online, pretty easy to get by) to get started. 

The first half-hour it was frustrating, getting the controls right and getting the hang of touch controls when playing Gameboy games. But after that, there was nothing holding me back.

Oh boy though did it bring back some memories. A phone and the emulator installed on it was everything needed to bring me right back to the golden ages of pokemon, harvest moon and Metroid. 

I don’t know what it was, but the combination of phone and the Gameboy emulator just felt wright and brightened up my morning commute.