Switching to a dumb phone ? Smartphone detox

Switching to a dumb phone? Some thoughts before switching to a dumb/basic phone I am quite a high tech guy. I am so to say a tech addict. Always had the latest phones and the latest computer. Getting too social, virtually I’ve started to notice that I’m spending too much time on my phone. I … Continue reading “Switching to a dumb phone ? Smartphone detox”

Weed convection vaporizer

Weed convection vaporizer A weed purists point of view I like to think of myself as a weed purist. Always smoked joints and i am very meticulous when it comes to weed, mixing it with tobacco and rolling a joint. Smoking Cannabis to my eyes is not just about getting high, its more about the … Continue reading “Weed convection vaporizer”

Cannabis and the perception of music

Cannabis and the perception of music! Some time ago, I and a really good friend of mine had this really interesting rant about music, high and how does it all mix together. One summer day, when I was back home for holidays, we were at my beach house. We were just a couple of old … Continue reading “Cannabis and the perception of music”

Introduction to recreational drugs – Cannabis

My first experience with recreational Drugs Cannabis I like to see myself as a pretty ok guy. I have done till now ok in life, have achieved some of my goals and also have done my fair share of mistakes. I used to be, actually still am, Introverted and Navie (the good kind of) person. … Continue reading “Introduction to recreational drugs – Cannabis”

Newly found love for the Nintendo Switch

Newly found love for the switch It may be hard to get what I am ranting about on this one. So I’ll give you some background info.¬† Last month I left my management grade job, mainly because of the working hours ( to be exact, lack of). So I found myself having loads of free … Continue reading “Newly found love for the Nintendo Switch”

5 essential mac apps to aid prodiuctivity

5 Essential mac productivity apps¬† Almost two years ago I found somewhere in my mac hating heart the courage to give it a chance. My old Asus laptop broke, well it became so slow that it’s almost the same thing, and seeing that the prices of new windows laptops were not that different from those … Continue reading “5 essential mac apps to aid prodiuctivity”

Got a gameboy emulator on my phone

Got a gameboy emulator on my phone Last week as I was going about a usual day and as I got on the usual bus, I started to hear a sweet retro sound coming from somewhere. It took me a minute to figure out that they were the sweet sounds of Metroid: Zero Mission from … Continue reading “Got a gameboy emulator on my phone”

About me

Hello everyone, Welcome to my internet dojo. I like to write about many things that I find fascinating. I am not a closed circle, so you will have to catch up with the variety of topics that I write about. From liquid to grown-up (almost) I was since early on a very energetic and curious … Continue reading “About me”