About me

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my internet dojo.
I like to write about many things that I find fascinating. I am not a closed circle, so you will have to catch up with the variety of topics that I write about.

From liquid to grown-up (almost)

I was since early on a very energetic and curious kid. Born in a “strange” Country.
Thanks to my parents I got to travel and become basically a nomad from the age of 15 (this was is my fault)

During the time in the US, I got very much into electronics. At that time if anyone remembers Arduinos and microcontrollers were the thing.
Even though I grew a bit distant from this hobby I very much still enjoy it and follow it closely.

Then I moved in Germany, where for almost 2 years I studied, guess what, German.
Almost started studying medicine, but then got carried away somehow.

I later moved to Austria where I am currently studying and exploring new hobbies and passions.

That is a distilled preview of me.
To learn more you’ll have to invest some time in me 😉

I don’t want to let you down guys,

There is no real purpose to this blog,
just wanted to open a small door to the virtual world and get to get in touch with people on the other side.

Let’s just call this Virtual loneliness.