Cannabis and the perception of music

Cannabis and the perception of music!

Some time ago, I and a really good friend of mine had this really interesting rant about music, high and how does it all mix together.

One summer day, when I was back home for holidays, we were at my beach house. We were just a couple of old friends, enjoying ourselves and chilling the whole day.

That is not usual business for that place…

Not to get your hopes up, it was just an old friends reunion. Nothing out of the ordinary, but none the less one of the better ones.

Not all my friends smoke, in fact, some of my better friends don’t even smoke.

Everyone got high that night

I am quite a good “high” instructor, or at least some of my friends say so. For me it’s not just about smoking, it’s also the whole vibe that you build-up

I may very well be the best host ever. I cooked dinner for everyone (marinated chicken wings), got the music going and poured some wine.
After getting everyone’s basic needs (Food and Alcohol ) fulfilled and getting everyone comfortable ( important due to the nature of this group of individuals), we started to get a bit philosophical.

It was just the perfect Setup.
Good food, good wine, music and last but not leas weed. I had to ease my friends into smoking a bit with me since they are not huge fans. I think that time might have even been the first time for one of them.

Since that time I’ve been officially named the weed-smoking Yoda…


Getting high and tripping over music

Music and Cannabis perception

I hadn’t really noticed it before, Actually, this friend of mine that smoked for the first time (i think) pointed out after 1 hour almost, that he was on an amazing trip and he had never enjoyed music that much before.

He experienced music as he had never before…

We were listening to some Trap/Rap genera. It might have been Lil pump, not positive though. It was so awesome that we only figured the artist out after hours of listening to some album that we had heard before. But this time, as this friend of mine pointed it out, the experience was amplified.

Does cannabis affect your perception of music?

I like to think of my self as an audiophile. I am very proud of my playlists and really enjoy music when it is played out of a nice system. But it didn’t occur to me before, that I hooked up my sound system and go scavenger hunting online for songs mostly when high. I have this heightened sense of hearing, especially musically, when under the influence.

I think that marijuana stimulates your brain when listening to music to make some extra connections.

It’s a very strange feeling to explain, as somehow it fades and nicely blends the different sensations you may get from music.

Did I just go too far here?

Music and music perception under influence

Is it only music or art in general

I am not the best person to write about art in general.
Yes I love music and I do like painting every now and then, but I am not that much of a connoisseur.
But I can definitely tell you that I appreciate art on a different level when high.

I don’t always get art, to say the truth most of the time I don’t really understand it. When high though on some type of Sativa blend, I somehow make more sense of it than normally…

My personal hypothesis is that Cannabis “helps” to make more sense of the abstract and volatile, to make more sense of the moment.

There has to be something going on there…

Stay tuned more to come!                       Check the first article of the series out!