Top gear top 5 specials

Top gear top 5 specials There is no going around it. I am a huge Top Gear, Grand tour fan. Better phrased: I love Jeremy, James and Richard. I really like their journalism style and their characters. They are absolutely the best Tv show hosts and journalists. Letting the compliments aside, let’s jump to my … Continue reading “Top gear top 5 specials”

Switching to a dumb phone ? Smartphone detox

Switching to a dumb phone? Some thoughts before switching to a dumb/basic phone I am quite a high tech guy. I am so to say a tech addict. Always had the latest phones and the latest computer. Getting too social, virtually I’ve started to notice that I’m spending too much time on my phone. I … Continue reading “Switching to a dumb phone ? Smartphone detox”

About me

Hello everyone, Welcome to my internet dojo. I like to write about many things that I find fascinating. I am not a closed circle, so you will have to catch up with the variety of topics that I write about. From liquid to grown-up (almost) I was since early on a very energetic and curious … Continue reading “About me”