How to roll a joint for beginners

How to roll a joint for beginners It just feels so nice to smoke a finely rolled joint. It tastes even better if you have rolled it yourself. There is no hiding it, I am a huge fan of rolling. Also very meticulous too. It amazes me how often it happens that when smoking in … Continue reading “How to roll a joint for beginners”

Weed convection vaporizer

Weed convection vaporizer A weed purists point of view I like to think of myself as a weed purist. Always smoked joints and i am very meticulous when it comes to weed, mixing it with tobacco and rolling a joint. Smoking Cannabis to my eyes is not just about getting high, its more about the … Continue reading “Weed convection vaporizer”

Cannabis and the perception of music

Cannabis and the perception of music! Some time ago, I and a really good friend of mine had this really interesting rant about music, high and how does it all mix together. One summer day, when I was back home for holidays, we were at my beach house. We were just a couple of old … Continue reading “Cannabis and the perception of music”

Introduction to recreational drugs – Cannabis

My first experience with recreational Drugs Cannabis I like to see myself as a pretty ok guy. I have done till now ok in life, have achieved some of my goals and also have done my fair share of mistakes. I used to be, actually still am, Introverted and Navie (the good kind of) person. … Continue reading “Introduction to recreational drugs – Cannabis”