Distraction-free smartphone setup

Distraction-free smartphone setup

I had a bit too much on my plate lately, that’s why the distraction-free phone “project” got a bit delayed.
But, I didn’t forget about it.

Now that I have finally allowed myself a couple of weeks of relaxing and flew back home it might just be the perfect time to start and work on self-improvement.
Where better to start than with the “small” things.

From detox to distraction-free…

I’m being realistic here, I want to spend less time on my phone, mostly when bored. I am sure that instead of browsing around endless social network feeds, I could be much more creative and productive. Despite that, I wasn’t ready to give up on the wonders of technology.

I had to find some other way to help me get some control back over my phone.

So I did some “research” albeit shallow, on how to turn my android phone into a “distraction-free” smartphone.

My distraction-free smartphone setup

Disabling most Notifications

As for the notifications I ended up disabling every notification manually expect messages. I also disable automatic email sync. Let’s just say I am very close to being notification free

Disabling Infinity-pools

That’s some sort of fancy “word” for Facebook, Instagram and all the apps that with a swipe down refresh and show you all sorts of ‘random not so random’ information. That might very well be worst than instant notifications.

Looking through the app store I found Stay Focused.

With stay focused you can restrict access to apps of block it altogether. You can set up a daily time limit or how many times you are allowed to start the app in one day. The free version of the app allows you up to 5 restrictions after that you have to get the paid version.
For me, the free version is good enough since I removed all the infinity pools. (I feel in love with this concept, you can read more about it here)

I restricted WhatsApp and chrome to 25 min a day max, let’s see how that goes…

With that done I was almost set, but the nerd in me couldn’t just stop there.

Burry non-essential apps and get a clean minimal design

I wanted a minimalist look to go along with it. So I messed a bit around with nova launcher.

I disabled the app drawer and left just one page on the home screen with the essentials that I need.
Also to go along with that, I loaded a nice minimalist icon pack (Whicons).

Everything non-vital got deleted and the emergency apps like PayPal or scooter renting apps went in the drawer.

After 30 min +- this is what I got.

I know this is not as drastic of a measure as you may have hoped. On the upside, it is going to bee an interesting will power exercise.

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