5 essential mac apps to aid prodiuctivity

5 Essential mac productivity appsĀ 

Almost two years ago I found somewhere in my mac hating heart the courage to give it a chance.

My old Asus laptop broke, well it became so slow that it’s almost the same thing, and seeing that the prices of new windows laptops were not that different from those of the mac, I decided to ho on the wagon and buy myself a mac machine.

There is not much choice when you look at macs compared to the other side, you basically have to choose depending on your budget and then your needs.

It is hard for a first time mac user to get your head around the fact that specs don’t really matter.
Anyhow, with a sizable hole on my credit card, I went home with my brand new MacBook pro.

I won’t lie to anyone, the first month was horrible, but after persevering I got the hang of it.
And amazingly every day I found out intuitive shortcuts that the mac has built-in that now I couldn’t live without.
Without going too long about my newly found love for macs ill get to the list of apps that I feel like every mac should have on it.

1. Spectacle

spectacle app mac

Spectacle is one of the first apps I got when I started to care about optimizing my working space and when window management became crucial.
I practically never close my routine apps on the mac and beeing somewhat disorganized, Specatacle really benefited my workspace.
I can only recommend it!

2. Amphetamine

Amphetamine is an essential app, it keeps your mac awake for when it is downloading or just simply when you don’t want it to go in standby every time you go in the bathroom.
I found amphetamine when I was downloading a couple of movies for a trip and have never since stopped using it. It is such a simple and minimal app that only does one job but does it really well.
Who thought that a simple keep awake app could be so customizable in what it does.

3. Google Chrome

Well, there is not much to say. It is the world’s most popular browser and for a good reason.

4. Bandwidth+

It might seem strange for some of you. But working alway on the pc when I am on the go I have to keep an eye on my network usage. And this app does it extremely well. It shows the usage during the day from every single device you were connected to. It is not for everyone but for how I go about my day it deserves a place on the list.

5. Google Drive / Back up & sync

Google drive has been my go-to companion since 2015. I don’t only have my backups there, but my whole digital life is daily synced with google. I do not know if that is necessarily a good thing but hey I never lost my data since.
I know that Apple has its own I cloud ecosystem and I’ve it. I still keep coming back to my trusty G Drive.


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