Got a gameboy emulator on my phone

Got a gameboy emulator on my phone

Last week as I was going about a usual day and as I got on the usual bus, I started to hear a sweet retro sound coming from somewhere.

It took me a minute to figure out that they were the sweet sounds of Metroid: Zero Mission from the game boy advance. I turn then around and see a hippe with a penny board between his legs and playing Metroid full blast on the phone.

It took me a good search through the play store to realize that it wasn’t an android port of the game, but the dude got an emulator on his phone. 

I was pleasantly amazed to see that my geek mode was still intact. I had some experience with emulators years ago and only on a pc.

As soon as I got home I did some research and it was actually pretty easy and straight forward.

On Android, you get a nice emulator already in the play store, on the iPhone side of things it is a bit harder but still relatively easy to get up and running.

I got the app, downloaded a couple of roms (the name of the cartridges online, pretty easy to get by) to get started. 

The first half-hour it was frustrating, getting the controls right and getting the hang of touch controls when playing Gameboy games. But after that, there was nothing holding me back.

Oh boy though did it bring back some memories. A phone and the emulator installed on it was everything needed to bring me right back to the golden ages of pokemon, harvest moon and Metroid. 

I don’t know what it was, but the combination of phone and the Gameboy emulator just felt wright and brightened up my morning commute.