How to roll a joint for beginners

How to roll a joint for beginners

It just feels so nice to smoke a finely rolled joint. It tastes even better if you have rolled it yourself.

There is no hiding it, I am a huge fan of rolling. Also very meticulous too.

It amazes me how often it happens that when smoking in company the majority of the people there present don’t even know how to roll a joint. And I am not just saying rolling some shitty joint, they don’t even try.
As you will find later out, it is easier than you think.

Just to be clear, I do not want to push anyone to start smoking. But once you are in, well it is just a skill that goes hand in hand with smoking Cannabis.

So without rambling any further let’s get started.


  • Weed
  • Tobacco – Preferably rolling Tobacco (easier)
  • Long Rolling papers
  • Lighter (dough)


  • Rolling Tray or base
  • Grinder
  • Filters

1. Preparation

First of all, let’s just prepare the place or surface we are going to roll on. It is a good habit to get this one. It is going to spare you a LOT of time on clean up in the future.

Once you have everything out of your way and you have a small neat surface on your table, start by gathering all the supplies you need. In this stage we are just going to get :

      1. Weed
      2. tobacco

I myself like to roll my joints with tobacco from cigarettes, It is more of a habit if anything. But that is how I started smoking and how I have rolled for some time.

In this case, I am going to use rolling tobacco. It is easier, in the beginning, to work with.

It has more moisture and is cut in a certain way to be easier to roll. And as a beginner, we want to go around the easiest route.

cannabis and tobacco

2. Grinding and mixing

This is the easiest part. Grind your herb at first with your hands, you can invest later in a grinder. If you happen to have one go ahead and use it.

In my case, the Cannabis I have is a bit dry, so grinding it would result in cannabis powder. Which I don’t really enjoy.

So I’m going to do it by hand.

I like to put on a joint, if I am smoking alone, more or less 0,6 gr cannabis and a bit less than that in tobacco. Ok, I just pulled those numbers out of my ass. I don’t really know for sure how much I just do it by eye and don’t really think about it. But I had that question many times before…

Once you are done with grinding mix the tobacco and cannabis together.

With rolling tobacco the don’t want to mix that well together but that’s ok.

grinding weedweed and tobacco mix

3. Making a Filter

There are many techniques on how to make a filter.

I’m just gonna go with the easiest one.

Eather buy filters or get a piece of cardboard like the one I got from the cover of my papers.

cardboard for filter

Don’t cut a piece that is too wide nor too narrow, there is no rule here but try to go with your intuition and what feels right.

Once you have that just roll it normally. We are not going into filter patterns in this one, just try and get a nice spiral, like shown in the photo, going.

You can “adjust” the joints thickness with the filter, I like mine rather slim but you can play around with the thickness of the filter and find what works for you.

filter for a joint

4. Bringing everything together

Now, this is the most daunting part for most.

At this part,
we need our filter, the mixture of tobacco and cannabis and paper.

I like using the OCB slim premium, slim papers generally. Find them to be better because they don’t alter the taste as much as regular papers.

rolling a joint

Now that we have everything on our “working” space lets start assembling our joint.

First start by holding the paper with the glue side on top towards us and make a small fold at the side that has no glue on the bottom.

We can also place the filter. I usually roll with the filter on the left side but that is a preference. You should go with what feels natural. It’s completely up to you to roll with the filter on the left or on the right.

rolling paper and filter

Now, distribute the cannabis and tobacco mixture on the paper as evenly as possible. It helps a lot when closing down the joint later.

I like holding the paper as I try to evenly distribute the mixture. But again you have to go with what feels natural for you.

how to roll a joint

Now it should look quite similar to what you have in front of you, and that brings us to the most important and difficult part.

5. Rolling and Sealing it

We have to start rolling, we pinch both the parts of the paper with our hands and start to move the paper between our fingers back and forth.

We are going to roll but without applying much pressure till the tobacco takes the right shape.

It should look more or less like this before we close the joint.

how to roll a joint

When you are at this point you should then focus on tucking the paper that comes from underneath, under the one you have in front of you.

It is hard to explain it in words but this should help visualize what I mean.

rolling a joint

After a bit of fumbling around, we should be able to close our joint and leave just the “glue” stripe visible so we can be then ready to seal the joint.

rolling a jointrolling a joint

Sealing the joint just means licking the sticky bit and then glue that on top of the paper that lies underneath.

It’s not easy at first, but you get the hang of it I promise and really quickly. It is easier than you might think.

Once you have it all done just tap it a couple of times with the filter part to press down a bit what’s inside and you are ready to light it up.