Introduction to recreational drugs – Cannabis

My first experience with recreational Drugs


I like to see myself as a pretty ok guy. I have done till now ok in life, have achieved some of my goals and also have done my fair share of mistakes.

I used to be, actually still am, Introverted and Navie (the good kind of) person.

But I have always tried to improve on that and get out of my comfort zone.

Now,  do not get the headline wrong. I am not some drug addict, nor does my life circle around drugs. I do consume and enjoy them, but I’ve always had the will power not to be dependent, let alone addicted.

I think that has to do mostly with my character and my viewpoint on drugs.

Just to be clear, I want to share my thoughts on the subject. I do not recommend nor want to push someone in imitating what I do.

How did it all happen?

Growing up in a somewhat closed-minded and a bit repressed community, I find it amazing that I am now sitting in front of a pc writing about this stuff.

I think my curiosity got the better of me at that time, which is understandable at a young age.

But still, for my circumstances at that time, the odds were slim.

To cut it short here, I used to hang out with some „not so nice“ kids at the time. Mostly because I myself felt insecure and too afraid to show who I truly was. I suppose it was just a simpler way to go around middle/high school for me.

Right around that time Cannabis became somewhat popular, and the guys who smoked were seen as rebels …

Beginner’s mind, from there to entropy.

It is easy to see how that can bee appealing. But I never really enjoyed the effect it had on me. I later found out that it was not the effect but the influence that the people that I used to smoke with had.

It’s the experience you get during the high

I started to grasp the effects later on. After some time I moved to Germany. I got my life more or less on track. I had decent friends and was hungry to grow as a person.

During that time I had one of the most important revelations of my grown-up life.

It is not what you do that earns you „cool“ points, it is the fact that you accept and embrace yourself with all the bad, good and weird traits.

I apply that in almost every aspect of life, even when it comes to recreational substances.

I can not stress it enough though, how important it is to be around people with a certain IQ. I had some of the best philosophical chats in my life under the influence of Cannabis, with some of the most amazing and intelligent people I have ever met.

How does Cannabis affect your mind and body though,

Well, it depends mostly on the type, there are hundreds of thousands types of Weed.

Weed farmers are going crazy lately with all the variations that they are creating.

But still, the main families are Sativa and Indica.

Sativa stimulates your creativity. I find it that it tones down your brain filters. It feels actually nice brainstorming when high on Sativa. It basically teases your brain 😉

Indica, I feel like it has more of a Chill, wind down effect. Not everyone agrees with me on this one, but I feel like it affects more your body and muscles than your brain.

Not my favorite type, but on certain occasion I find it to be very nice.

Just for a bit of culture, The 2 main ingredients of Cannabis are THC and CBD.

You may have heard of the last one, with all the hype going around about legal Cannabis with low THC content and high on CBD.

These 2 chemical ingredients have basically the opposite effect on your brain.
Just think of it as : Sativa = High THC, Indica = high CBD.

This is just an intro to the series.

More to come soon…