Newly found love for the Nintendo Switch

Newly found love for the switch

It may be hard to get what I am ranting about on this one. So I’ll give you some background info. 

Last month I left my management grade job, mainly because of the working hours ( to be exact, lack of). So I found myself having loads of free time. 

I would say that my lifestyle changed. I started to appreciate again the small things. 

Like going for a walk, drinking a beer with friends in the park and like last night, getting together to play some games. 

It is amazing how we sometimes are so “busy” that we forget to just enjoy ourselves from time to time. 

With that said, 

On that rainy Saturday night, I got together with 2 friends of mine and decided to cook something together and play video games. Just like the good old days. 

With all this Nintendo Switch lite hype going on in the web, I remembered that I had my switch in a drawer sitting for over a year. 

I got it out and dusted it off. And took it with me, which was not at all awkward due to its small size. 

My game library is not that amazing on the Switch. I mean I have some good titles but not your standard Nintendo stereotype. 

Anyhow the free download section is ok. There are some titles that are quite fun local multiplayer. 

We downloaded kitten squad, 

Some sort of binding of Isaac clone. 

kitten squad nintendo switch review


I have to say for being a free game and after a couple of beers, it’s quite good fun. 

Then we jumped a bit in sniper elite, 

Wich my girlfriend got it for me last year with the Switch. 

I have to say for being such a versatile handheld console the graphics and the games available make it feel like a “grown-ups” Nintendo. 


But what I had overlooked was how socially engaging is the Switch. I do not mean that virtually though. 

I mean, we went to the garden. I took the switch from the dock. Set it up on the table, split the controller in two and launched FIFA. 


There you have it, in just a couple of seconds, you can transit from gaming on your couch in front of the tv, to going in the garden with your mates and playing FIFA. 

I’ve never liked the switch before. 

When you compare it with the PlayStation or Xbox it is technically inferior. The games are usually not as sharp as they are on the other consoles. 

But, what other console gives you the ability to continue your Skyrim or cities skyline session on the go? 

On a 10 hour flight, I would not change it with anything. 

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