Switching to a dumb phone ? Smartphone detox

Switching to a dumb phone?

Some thoughts before switching to a dumb/basic phone

I am quite a high tech guy. I am so to say a tech addict. Always had the latest phones and the latest computer.

Getting too social, virtually

I’ve started to notice that I’m spending too much time on my phone. I can’t just walk and wonder anymore, I have to constantly catch up with notifications. Be it WhatsApp, mail or social media. There is always something to zone out.

I have never really been big on social media before nor did I constantly check my phone for notifications. I think I got really addicted to it this last couple of months that I was going through a rough patch.

What really got me thinking about switching to a dumb phone was, how nervous I got when I had no data for a couple of hours. I was just like a lunatic running around the city trying to find free wifi and every second going in and out of airplane mode… as though it was going to miraculously bring my data back.

My humor was affected by the fact that I had no data on my phone, and even though I had nothing really important or time-sensitive to do I just kept thinking what strange and miraculous trick could get me my data back.

For a couple of hours, my main thought was simply: You have to get your phone online again…

It is not an easy choice


no choice is really easy. Even “lame” ones like this.

I’m still questioning myself if i am still sane just for thinking about going retro when it comes to my Smartphone.

I would certainly be missing out on a lot of stuff, there is no doubt about it. The main question is: am I willing to make that compromise?

Can you just ignore the convenience of Smartphones?

I’ll give you just a small insight into my messy last-minute solutions life.

Today I woke up late as usual and didn’t have time to catch the bus. As normal in this situation, I just pull out my phone and rent an electric scooter or a bicycle. Also, I do regularly forget my wallet, so sending money right there and then from my phone is a lifesaver. Whatsapp… That’s a tricky one. As annoyed as I am by WhatsApp, could I really give it up?

At this point, it has gotten quite addictive.

I could go on and on here…

The point I’m trying to get here is that Smartphones are a quick fix for almost everything nowadays.
But they do come with one drawback. They are addicting, and very much so. They might have the upper hand on tobacco here…

I am still curious how it would be to go retro in communication

Let’s be extremely rational here just for the sake of it.

I mostly work online and in front of a Pc, so going completely offline the time that I am not working it might just be therapeutic for me.

I won’t be able to get notified immediately of what’s going on online, but is that really vital?
Every time I check my phone I do the same time-consuming nonsense routine.
Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, email then who knows what might pop up at that moment, etc, etc.

Instead of reading crap over FB on my bus ride I might just start to read some books from my reading list.

Maybe ill also start having some quality time with myself…

It’s all hypothetical, but its enough to entrigue me in giving it a go.


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