Top gear top 5 specials

Top gear top 5 specials

There is no going around it. I am a huge Top Gear, Grand tour fan. Better phrased: I love Jeremy, James and Richard.

I really like their journalism style and their characters.

They are absolutely the best Tv show hosts and journalists.

Letting the compliments aside, let’s jump to my favorite Specials they have made.

1. Polar Special (Top Gear)

In the Polar special Jeremy, Richard and James go on an adventure to find the magnetic north. As much as it was an adventure Clarkson and may drive a modified Toyota Hilux against Hammond going old school with a sled and huskies.

This special is, in my opinion, one of the better ones and somehow feels very real and relatable. You don’t just see the three of them doing the usual funny nonsense but also see the real struggle in filming and producing this great special.

top gear polar special

2. Bolivia Special (Top Gear)

The Bolivia special is also one of my favorite specials from the old Top Gear. James, Jeremy and Richard drove through South America from the rainforests of the Pacific coast of Chile. The whole trip was quite taxing on the cars and the presenters themselves.

As usual, they only had a limited budget and bought the cars locally off the internet in Bolivia.

None of them actually got the car that they thought they bought.

It is really a must-see Special this one.

top gear bolivia special

3. Mozambique Special (The Grand Tour)

This one is my favorite special from The Grand Tour.

By many though it is considered as one of the worst ones and many said that the episode : “left a bad taste in their mouths”.

I think this Special was taken badly by many of the new followers that came from their new Network Amazon Prime.

This one was the first special on the grand tour that Jeremy, James and Richard wet back to the basics and got the old Top Gera vibe once again back on the screen.

grand tour mozambique special

4. Mongolia Special (The Grand Tour)

This one is the last special to be aired at the grand tour as we know it.

At the last episode of the season which was right after the special, they revealed that they weren’t going to continue the show. But they said that they were going to produce specials.

Never the less, this is really a good Special and also one of the tougher ones.

mongolia special grand tour

5. Africa Special (Top Gear)

The Africa Special I find to be one of the funnier specials the trio has ever done.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May attempt to find the true source of the River Nile in secondhand estate cars on a budget.

Top Gear Africa Special