Weed convection vaporizer

Weed convection vaporizer

A weed purists point of view

I like to think of myself as a weed purist. Always smoked joints and i am very meticulous when it comes to weed, mixing it with tobacco and rolling a joint.

Smoking Cannabis to my eyes is not just about getting high, its more about the whole experience. I am usually very picky when it comes to weed and maybe even more on how good the joint is rolled, what paper I am using and as said the mixture.

My perfect joint

In my eyes the perfect Cannabis smoking experience must have these 3 parts:

  • weed should be ground, but not too fine
  • There must be some tobacco to keep the joint alive
  • Minimum rolling paper should be used

I know it seems like a no brainer, but nowadays there are a million ways to consume Cannabis.

Perfectly rolle weed Cannabis joint

Let’s dive a bit more in-depth to the above-mentioned points.

  • Grinding
    I have only started grinding my weed later on in my Cannabis smoking life. Mostly because I am sort of a chaotic person and keep losing or forgetting my stuff. I have lost 3 phones in the past 6 months, so you can imagine what happened to all my grinders. But, and this is a big one. Being a student and on a budget, grinding your herbs seems to expand the longevity of your weed. In the sense that with the same amount you, or at least I, can make more joints. You may disagree with me here, but hey that’s what I think. Also, I don’t grind my weed that fine, I think it loses a bit of taste when its to finely grinded.
  • Tobacco mix
    This one is also a bit controversial in the weed smoking community. Many don’t like tobacco mixed in. I can understand that. But I think that tobacco enhances a bit the effect of cannabis and it makes it burn more constantly. I usually mix 70% Cannabis with 30% tobacco.
  • Rolling it the right way, Which means rolling it the wrong way…
    I have rolled since I can remember backward or inside out. That way you get the minimum amount of paper and therefore you get the full taste. I usually like to use ultra-thin papes and swear by the OCB Black papes.
    Here you have a very easy to follow tutorial on how to roll backward

Weed Convection Vaporizer

I had heard and seen before Herb Vaporizers. Never had though first-hand experience with them. Which is in a way strange, since I have tried most weed consumption techniques.

A couple of days before a friend of mine bought a mid-range convection vaporizer for weed

to be more exact this one :

Knowing that I am an enthusiast, this friend of mine invited me over to try this new concoction.

How does an convection weed vaporizer work?

Well, it is as easy as it gets, you grind your herb(s) till the bowl of the vaporizer is full. Then you put the cap/nozzle in place and fire it up. You have to set a temperature, the standard one is around 190 degrees C but you can play around with that. The rule of thumb is the higher you go with your temperature, the stronger becomes the kick.

You have to wait though 5 – 10 seconds until the unit heats itself only then you can start to draw.

The experience I have to say was a bit strange at first. The draw resistance and the thickness, if we can call it so, of the smoke were not the ones I am used to. That’s understandable though, we are talking about smoking using some high tech stuff here…

The vaporizer is practically a miniature “air fryer”. It sends hot air to the chamber where you put your herb, and that makes the THC and CBD that is in it “evaporate” leaving you at the end with a very dry brownish color weed that’s not burned, hell, it is still intact.

This friend of mine even explained to me that he reuses the residues for cooking…

I’m definitely gonna try implementing it in my cooking next time, sound like a fun project.

What is it like using the vaporizer

It goes against all my perfect joint rules.

It has no tobacco mixture, there is no paper to hold anything in place and the weed is ground a bit finer… But I have to say that you get pure flavor… Nothing to mess it up. It is just pure Cannabis “smoke”. Actually, it is vapor. As I said you get pure flavor, but somehow it is a bit dumbed down. You can’t feel anything in your throat… It may just be too healthy for me smoking that thing.

You get high for sure, but it lacks something. It is just too weird for me, it’s not how it is supposed to be somehow. Sure you get only flavor, but its a washed-out flavor.
Yes, you get high, but its also a strange type of high.

Very hard to explain this las one. It is like drinking a nice espresso or taking one of these coffee shot pills. Yea you get the same caffeine from both. But it is still not the same thing, not the same experience.

Is it actually worth it?

From my perspective, not really. But if you have some money to spare then why not.

All around it is a nice experience. And there are actually some pros too… For one it doesn’t smell and you don’t smell. If you live in a shared flat its perfect. It is also supposed to be healthier for you to smoke it since there is no tobacco and no burning happening. I think for nonsmokers looking to “smoke” Cannabis it might just be perfect. I can’t say I recommend it but I can’t say it is complete garbage either.
It all depends on what you are looking for in the end…


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